New features of EPAM4

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Some of the new features in EPAM4

Simpler operation of the development environment through improved integration in EXCEL (VSTO AddIn)
TrueColor support with transparency (alpha channel)
New picture formats JPG, BMP, PNG with transparency, GIF and SVG (vector-based). The existing PCX format (*.PCX and *.ICO) is likewise supported.
Objects with a transparent background (incl. #Pages)
Improved display through anti-aliasing, e.g. with meter object
Init / Exit actions on screen page changes
The Group object (#Group) can combine any EPAM objects. This increases re-usability and reduces project size (normally 50% compared to EPAM3)
Fully Unicode based (e.g. input and output of Chinese characters)
Dynamic objects. Object attributes such as position, dimension, colors,.... can be changed dynamically via variables
Optimized project download. The entire project is compressed and transferred in one file.
Software protection for the project on the target. The project is available in compressed form in a file. Pictures and contents can thus no longer be copied easily.


Benefits for the user

Fast project design through greater re-usability, more ergonomic development environment, faster download
Improved appearance of the application through flicker-free and faster picture creation
Simpler creation of "design user interfaces" with transparent images and color gradients
Simpler creation of international applications through full Unicode support
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