Runtime system (RTS)

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The RTS is normally preinstalled on the device.


If required, the runtime system can be installed on the target device (Target) using the SetupTargetFirmwareEPAM4 <version>.exe utility. (e.g. Update)




The installation program contains the firmware for different targets. It is therefore necessary to define the installation target during the installation.




Installation type

The following installation types can be selected:




The target firmware is loaded directly onto the device via FTP



Ethernet connection to the device
FTP server configured (see also Control Panel - Gesys Options - FTP)
CF/SD Card

The target firmware is copied to a CF/SD card

Local directory

The target firmware is copied to a local directory and can then be loaded manually onto the device


Runtime system for devices with WindowsCE

The RTS is normally installed at \StorageCard\EPAM4.


Icon-HinweisThe file version.html contains a list of all installed components with the version information.